We the residents of the St.Nicholas Houses Project are in opposition to the proposed action to:

     ·Sell, transfer or dispose of the St.Nicholas Houses Project
     ·Take away our playgrounds, green space (grass, trees, gardens), and benches
     ·Removing our playgrounds and parking lots  to create a thru street on 129th street between
      7th and 8th avenue 
     ·Dividing the St.Nicholas Houses Project into a North and South parcel
     ·The creation of an additional 13 floor building, with an underground garage, at the playground
      between buildings 230 and 250
     ·The building of a private charter school on public property for private interest
We need your help to fight for this valuable real estate that, rightfully, was built to house people of moderate and low income. We need everyone who has a vested interest in the preservation of NYCHA public houses to join us.

It is important that you attend all meetings-for the survival of the St.Nicholas Houses-and for the sake of our families and community.

Citizens for the Preservation of St.Nicholas Houses in Harlem